Grow Holistically

Grow horizontally and vertically in all dimensions of world-class logistics service.

Thrive in Service Excellence

Build a thriving workplace, marked by strong engagement, support, and fulfillment, providing top-tier service quality to our customers.

Empower Employee Growth

Provide opportunities for professional growth, ensuring our employees contribute to our collective success and thrive in their journeys within our organization.

Strengthen Partnerships

Enhance mutual benefits and strengths with our long-term strategic partners.

Ensure Competitiveness

Continuously increase company competitiveness.

“To be the Thailand leader in modern logistics, setting global service standards and fostering sustainable growth through innovation, adaptability, and top-tier service.

We aim to create a collaborative and empowering environment for our employees, during sustainable success in the logistics industry.”

High Priority Access Solutions

Ensure timely delivery and peace of mind with fast-tracked shipment through exclusive access.

Value-Driven Pricing Strategies

Offer competitive rates and transparent changes, delivering maximum value without compromising quality.

Effortless Customs Solutions

Provide seamless customs clearance and compliance, minimizing delays for smooth logistics operations.

Tailored Solutions Crafted for Success

Understand customer needs and deliver bespoke solutions, ensuring success for every shipment.

Proactive Care for Peace of Mind

Keep customers informed and reassured with proactive customer service, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Precision Operations Perfected Over Two Decade

Delivery of reliable and precise service with 20 years of operational excellence and expertise.

Technology Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and provide added convenience to customers, providing added convenience and efficiency to our customers. “Online Quick Quote: Instantly generate quotes for your shipments with our user-friendly online platform, saving you time and providing transparency in pricing.” “Task Status Updates: Stay informed about the status of your shipments in real-time through our online portal, ensuring full visibility and control throughout the logistics process.”

Capability to Handle a Variety of Commodities

From general cargo to specialized goods, trust us to manage a diverse range of commodities with precision and efficiency. Our experienced team ensures safe and timely delivery, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each shipment.

Fact & Figures

70 Staffs

5 Million

800 TUEs

Certification & Membership
Alliances & Airline
Trade Lane & Liner

One Stop Service

Freight Forwarding by air, sea and land


Customs Brokerage

Warehouse and Distribution

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